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EF University Foundation Program
EF University Foundation Program

EF University Foundation Program

Få de färdigheter som krävs för att komma in på ett undergraduate program i Storbritannien, Irland, USA, Kanada, Australien, Tyskland eller Frankrike.
30/32 Lektioner / vecka
(40-minuters lektioner)
  • Length:
    6 months / 9 months / 11 months
  • Start Date:
    September/ January / April /

Program overview
EF University Foundation Program (UFP) is a 6-, 9- or 11-month program of study that helps international students fulfill language and academic requirements for university entrance abroad. Intended for high school graduates, this program bridges the gap between a student’s previous education and what is expected of them at a university abroad.
This preparation year of secondary school studies is mandatory for students seeking higher education in the United Kingdom and highly recommended for students who wish to study in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, France or Germany. In Germany, the EF University Foundation Program focuses on preparing high school graduates for university entrance exams.

Gain the skills to succeed
Our EF University Foundation Program prepares you thoroughly for the challenges of higher education. You’ll learn essential study skills such as essay writing, critical thinking and independent research, as well as academic terminology.
Depending on your choice of country and subject, EF offers a range of academic specialisms which enables you to access almost any bachelor degree program.

Perfect your language skills
EF University Foundation Program will give you the training you need to meet university enrollment requirements. To qualify for most bachelor’s degree programs in English-speaking countries, students generally need an IELTS score of at least 6.0 or TOEFL of 550 PBT/ 213 CBT/ 81 IBT or above.
For students whose language abilities are not yet strong enough, an additional program of study, the EF Language Preparation Program, may be necessary to help establish a strong foundation of fluency to meet the enrollment requirements of any EF University Preparation program.

Guaranteed admission
In addition to your studies, you will have dedicated University Application Workshops with trained teachers designed to navigate the process of choosing and applying to a degree program. Furthermore, your University Pathways Manager will be on hand to give you one-to-one assistance and advice, organize visits to universities, and ensure you meet critical deadlines to maximize your chances of acceptance to the best possible university.

The Capstone Project
Students enrolled on a 9-month University Foundation Program, a Pre-Master's or a Pre-MBA will complete the Capstone Project during their third term. Designed to prepare you for the type of work required at university, you'll conduct intensive research on a topic, write a formal paper with citation and formatting and conduct a media presentation of your findings in front of a panel of teachers.

EF Learning Guarantee
EF:s Språkgaranti
Du kommer att avancera minst en språknivå vart sjätte vecka* om du deltar i alla lektioner samt slutför samtliga uppgifter. Vår metod garanterar att du gör maximala framsteg - annars bjuder vi på gratis språklektioner tills du uppnår nästa nivå. *Detta kan variera för andra språk än engelska.