Past perfect continuous (progressiv pluskvamperfekt)

Past perfect continuous och dess funktioner

Past perfect continuous motsvarar present perfect continuous, men syftar på en tid innan nuvarande tidpunkt. Liksom när det gäller present perfect continuous, betonar man själva processen.

  • Had you been waiting long before the taxi arrived?
  • We had been trying to open the door for five minutes when Jane found her key.
  • It had been raining hard for several hours and the streets were very wet.
  • Her friends had been thinking of calling the police when she walked in.

Den här formen används också i återgivet tal. Den motsvarar past continuous och present perfect continuous i direkt tal:

  • Jane said, "I have been gardening all afternoon." = Jane said she had been gardening all afternoon.
  • When the police questioned him, John said, "I was working late in the office that night." = When the police questioned him, John told them he had been working late in the office that night.

Att bilda past perfect continuous

The past perfect continuous är sammansatt av två delar - pluskvamperfekt av verbet to be (=had been) + presens particip (grundform+ing).

Subjekt had been verb + ing
I had been walking
She had been trying
She hadn't been sleeping
Had you been eating?
Frågande och nekande
Hadn't they been living?
To buy, past perfect continuous
Jakande Nekande Frågande
I had been buying I hadn't been buying Had I been buying?
You had been buying You hadn't been buying Had you been buying?
She had been buying She hadn't been buying Had she been buying?
We had been buying We hadn't been buying Had we been buying?
They had been buying They hadn't been buying Had they been buying?