Former med -ing

Ett verb som slutar på -ing är antingen presens particip eller ett gerundium. Dessa två former ser identiska ut. Skillnaden ligger i den funktion de har i meningen.

Presens particip

Presens particip används oftast som en del i ett verbs progressiva form, efter perceptionsverb, efter rörelseverb, eller som ett adjektiv.

Presens particip som en del av verbets progressiva form

Presens particip är en del i alla progressiva verbformer (dåtid, nutid, futurum, konditionalis, etc.). Hjälpverbet indikerar tempus, medan presens particip förblir oförändrat.

  • He is painting.
  • She was waiting.
  • They will be coming.
  • We would be staying.
  • I would have been leaving.
Presens particip efter perceptionsverb

Presens particip kan användas efter perceptionsverb enligt mönstret verb + objekt + presens particip för att indikera det agerande som uppfattas.

  • We saw him swimming across the pond.
  • I watched her painting Sarah's portrait.
  • I couldn't hear her singing because of the noise.
  • I would like to see you knitting sometime.
Presens particip efter rörelseverb, agerande eller position, för att indikera en parallell aktivitet.
  • She sat looking at the sea.
  • He walks reading his newspaper.
  • I cook listening to the radio.
  • Sally lay listening to the bugs in the grass.
Presens particip som adjektiv
  • Did you read that amazing book?
  • This movie is so exciting!
  • His economics class is boring.

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Gerundium har alltid samma funktion som ett substantiv, trots att det ser ut som ett verb. Det kan användas på samma sätt som ett substantiv.

Gerundium som meningens subjekt
  • Eating people is wrong.
  • Driving too fast is dangerous.
  • Walking is good for you.
  • Your knitting is beautiful.
Gerundium efter prepositioner
  • Can you sneeze without opening your mouth?
  • She is good at painting.
  • I was the fastest at climbing the rope.
  • He learns music by listening to the chords.
Gerundium efter vissa specifika verb
  • I like cooking.
  • He enjoys walking.
  • They hate milking cows.
  • I can imagine drifting away in a balloon.
Gerundium i sammansatta substantiv
  • I took her to her driving lessons.
  • We are going to the swimming pool.
  • My uncle does a lot of bird-watching.
  • I found this pie by dumpster-diving.

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